2010 Peer Award Winners

Best Alternative Rock – The Piggies
Best Avant-Garde – Good Old Fashioned Sinners
Best Bluegrass – Head For the Hills
Best Blues – Jason Downing and Musketeer Gripweed
Best Classic Rock – Ben Pu and Crew
Best Country/Alt Country/Americana – Arliss Nancy
Best Cover/Tribute – Dead Floyd
Best DJ – Magic Cyclops
Best Electronica/Ambient – Candy Claws
Best Folk – Dovekins
Best Funk/Soul – The Grippe
Best Hard Rock – Give íer Hell
Best Hardcore – Red Hour
Best Hip Hop – Otem Rellik
Best Indie – Fierce Bad Rabbit
Best Jam – Jonestown Potion
Best Jazz – Adam Bodine Trio
Best Metal – Crow
Best Noise/Experimental – M.Pyres
Best Pop – Pep*Squad
Best Punk – Rad Vibes
Best Reggae/Ska – Peace Officer
Best Rock – Wire Faces
Best Singer/Songwriter (Male) – Jon Snodgrass
Best Singer/Songwriter (Female) – Danielle Ate the Sandwich
Best Solo Instrumental – Maxwell Hughes
Best World – Euforquestra
Hardest Working Band (Tour Dates) – Paean
Sweetest Ride (Band Vehicle) – Pep*Squad
Village Bicycle/Biggest Band Slut (Person in the Most Bands) – Jonathan Alonzo
Best Band Name – Boner
Friendliest Band – Common Anomaly
Least Understood Band – White Cat Pink
Best CD Released in 2010 – “Songs About The Landscape Or Songs About The Wolf Army” by sour boy, bitter girl
Best Merch – Candy Claws
Best Merch – Pep*Squad
Best Posters/Art – Candy Claws
Best Local Radio Show – Live@Lunch
Best Live Sound Engineer – Jason Larson
Best Studio – Blasting Room
Lifetime Achievement Award – Rob Osborne