Greta Cornett

Co-Founder and President –

Board Member since 2007

Greta is a well-respected and recognized figure in the Fort Collins music community, with a wide array of experience and expertise. Holding a Bachelors of Art in Music from Colorado State University, Greta is a member of numerous local Fort Collins music groups including the 3 Twins and Mama Lenny and the Remedy.  She has also played in many successful projects in the region including 12 Cents for Marvin and the Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra.

Business/Organizational Affiliations:

Greta works in various music related capacities in Northern Colorado, including:

  • The talent buyer at the Road 34 Bike Bar

  • Live at Lunch Booking and Hosting for 88.9 FM KRFC

  • The Talent Advisory Committee for Bohemian Nights at New West Fest and the music blogger for the event

  • Advisor for CTV/KCSU’s Colorado Music Lounge.

Kevin Micke

Co-Founder, Vice President, and Treasurer  –

Board Member since 2007

Kevin has lived in Colorado the majority of his life, and moved to Fort Collins in 1999 to attend Colorado State University (CSU), where he completed his B.S. in Business with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. During his time in college, he got involved in the local music scene when he and several friends started a band, which he managed. After his band parted ways several years later, he began managing Vices I Admire in 2003, and continued to do so until the summer of 2009 when he decided to focus his attention on FoCoMA. Kevin continues to do website development for bands and other artists in his spare time, and works full-time at CSU as a web developer. In his role within FoCoMA, he uses his technical and business knowledge to help support and promote the ever-growing Fort Collins music community.

Business/Organizational Affiliations:

  • Wrong Name Entertainment – Owner

  • Colorado State University’s Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere – Research Associate III, working as a Web Developer

Dennis Bigelow

Secretary –

Board Member since 2009

A Fort Collins native, Dennis has spent the majority of his life in this community. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri, he decided to return to Fort Collins to see what he could do to make a difference in his hometown. After several years working for KRFC Radio as music director and general manager, Dennis decided a change in scenery was in order and spent five years as the office manager for Debut Theatre Company, a nonprofit children’s theatre school. These days, Dennis can be found working as the office manager for Hot Corner Concepts, a local restaurant group.

Music has been his greatest passion. He started playing piano at age 6, but quickly found that bluegrass and folk guitar were more his speed. More instruments followed, and now he plays more than he would care to count. You can catch him playing with local bands, vee device and Danielle Ate the Sandwich. In addition to music, he loves tabletop games, cats, and single malt scotch.

Business/Organizational Affiliations:


• Opera Fort Collins

• Debut Theatre

• Hot Corner Concepts

Scotty Van Tatenhove

Board Member since 2009

Scott is an 11-year veteran teacher of the Poudre School District in Fort Collins, Colorado. In those eleven years he has pioneered the curriculum and teaching of the History of Rock & Roll in both the middle and high school setting. He has also presented nationally at the National Council of the Social Studies annual convention and the Colorado Music Educators conference on the multiple approaches to teaching the History of Rock & Roll. His History of Rock & Roll courses have earned him national recognition and grant funds including from Bohemian Foundation. Scott has also developed a 21st Century Skills essential learning plan for the Rocky Mountain High School Social Studies Department.

Scotty serves as Department Leader for the Rocky Mountain High Social Studies Department. Scott Van Tatenhove holds a Master’s Degree in the teaching of social studies from Columbia University and earned a Bachelors of Arts in History and Education degree from Saint Olaf College.

Business/Organizational Affiliations:

  • Poudre School District educator and Department Leader

  • Former appointee to the City of Fort Collins Transportation Board 2007-2011

Tom Milligan

Board Member since 2013


Peggy Lyle

Board Member since 2015


Shane Zweygardt

Board Member since 2017


Tim Massa

Board Member since 2017


John McKay

Board Member since 2017


Shawna Stratton

Board Member since 2017

Vice President for External Relations, Colorado State University

Tom Milligan serves as Vice President for External Relations at Colorado State University, overseeing collaboration with all other vice presidents, deans, and unit heads to integrate communications and external relations activities across campus regarding, among other areas, fundraising, legislative affairs, alumni participation, enrollment management, and national rankings. Milligan had previously served as Associate Vice President for Communications at CSU before becoming Vice Chancellor for Communications at the University of Tennessee, the Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Business/Organizational Affiliations:

  • Colorado State University – Vice President for External Relations

Peggy Lyle has spent nearly 15 years booking and supporting live Colorado music at special events and festivals in Downtown Fort Collins. She is passionate about live performances, artist growth and providing a great show to the fans. With 20+ years of event production, marketing, and programming for the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association (DBA) and The Rhythm Co., she’s aided thousands of musicians, bands, performers, galleries, and artists navigate performances, promotion, audience cultivation, and business strategy.  Peggy Lyle joined the FoCoMA Board in 2015 and has been a strong FoCoMX partner since it's inception in 2008.

She started many events and programs including The Fort Collins Jazz Experience festival which featured Colorado jazz greats as well as legends like Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra; Music in Our Schools, an educational band showcase and an instrument donation program; and building, booking and producing Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest while she served as the Event and Entertainment Director for the DBA over 14 years. She is a co-founder and dancer with the Jumpin’ JiveCats and The Rhythm Company which has provided swing and salsa dance nights, large live music concerts, and social dance instruction in Northern Colorado for over 20 years. And currently Peggy series as the Director of the Downtown Fort Collins Creative District and as a creative business consultant.  Additional Associated Festivals: FoCoMX, Colorado Brewers’ Festival, First Night Fort Collins, Downtown Concert series, USA Pro-Challenge, FoCo Book Fest and TriMedia Film Festival.

Shane Zweygardt has been playing drums with bands in the Colorado area for over 20 years and educating drummers of all ages for the last 10 years. He spent his childhood in a small town in upstate New York and moved to Colorado during his teenage years. He earned his BFA in Fine Art with an emphasis on Digital Art and Drawing from University of Colorado Boulder in 2007 along with a Technology Arts and Media Certificate. He moved back to Fort Collins in 2008 and worked with Colorado Drum and Percussion until the business shut its doors permanently in 2013. He then began working with the Fort Collins Non- profit SpokesBUZZ as their main Graphic Designer and a member of the Marketing team. During his time working with SpokesBUZZ he also helped start up and manages Cohere Bandwidth, a shared rehearsal space for musicians. In 2016, Shane joined the Music District team as the Tech Manager.  He currently plays drums and sings in the band Wire Faces. Fin. 

Timo Massa has been active in the Fort Collins Music Scene since 2004.  He is the Marketing Director for the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, and has done similar work in the past for Hodi’s Half Note, and the Aggie Theatre.  He also heads the philanthropic arm of the Mishawaka, the Mish Initiative, overseeing two volunteer boards in charge of funding musicians and community events.  He joined the band Stella Luce in early 2014, and occasionally releases music as a solo artist. He estimates he has played in something like sixteen bands since moving to Fort Collins. Most notably in Sour Boy, Bitter Girl for 5 years, and as a founding member of Arliss Nancy. He has a BFA from CSU, and a Masters in Project Management from CSU-Global, which is by all accounts a strange combination.

John McKay has been active in Fort Collins since 2001 working in education and the music community. Originally from Guatemala, John migrated to the United States and grew up in Kansas. He currently holds a bachelor and masters in social work and attained his principal/administrative license in education. John focuses his work on serving at-risk youth and under-served populations including homeless students, migrant, immigrant, and refugee members of our community. He has been a counselor, social worker, soccer coach, assistant principal and principal working at all levels of public education. He currently is the Director of Language, Culture, & Equity for Poudre School District. John has performed with many different projects throughout the years and is presently performing with Choice City Seven.